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02-07-2008, 5:08 PM
Product: KH Test Kit
Manufactorer: Elos ( (
Price: $17.99
Review Type: Initial Report
Overall Rating: 7

Extremely easy to use. One of the easiest I have come across anyway.

Expensive compared to competition and color change not as obvious as I would like.

In Depth:
The first thing that struck me was how simple the test kit seemed. They include two types of directions. One is very detailed in multiple languages and the other is simply a set of pictures showing the test kit user what to do. The second option is a nice plus since after most of us use a kit a time or two we have it down, but it is nice to have a quick guide.

To use the test was as easy as it looked. Suck up 5ml in the provided syringe then put that in a vial. Shake the reagent then add a drop at a time until the color changes from yellow to blue. The number of drops is your KH. Also, You can double the amount of water and drops to get a more accurate reading as well.

As mentioned in the Cons section the item is twice what a few competitors charge and the color change isn't quite as obvious as I like. I will get used to it, but compared to the Salifert tests the change is much more subtle. Still very usable however.


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