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Ralph ATL
02-02-2008, 10:19 PM
Product: Phosar
Manufacturer: Marine Warner
Review Type: Long Term Report
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

GFO is the best product to help keep keep stonies in the last 5 years (IMO)

HC & ROWA might remove more to lower levels

In Depth:
Warner Marine Research PHOSaR can be simply used in a cannister filter or in a micron bag. Since PHOSaR allows flow-thru, a cannister filter can be an extremely efficient method of removing Phosphate and Arsenic. The hobbyist may also place PHOSaR in a micron bag and place the bag in a location with moderate water flow, such as a sump. Competing products are nearly useless outside of the fluidized reactor, which makes Warner Marine Research PHOSaR the easy choice for all marine and reef aquariums.

Warner Marine Research PHOSaR is a new high performance Iron-based media with a special shape and composition especially for water filtration. PHOSaR contains Iron Oxide in a new pelleted form which offers higher hydrodynamic performance compared to the competitor's Iron-based granular products. Microanalysis reveals that the pelleted media found in PHOSaR has a more uniform and efficient pore structure to allow greater adsorption to levels below 4ppB. In addition, PHOSaR is an excellent product for removing dangerous Arsenic, which can also damage the marine and reef aquarium.

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