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01-25-2008, 10:18 AM
I picked up a Cherub Pygmy Angel from Russ this past weekend and from the short time I have had this little guy it is an amazing fish and a blast to watch. It has explored every spot in the 160 since he is small he can fit where most of the other fish can't. My Purple Tang has always imposed it's dominence on all the fish added to the 160 but this CPA is so fast and has such a good demenor that the PT hasn't messed with it once (that I have seen). I have heard from several people that they might not be reef safe but this little guy definitely is reef safe for sure. He acts more like a Blenny or Tang and picks at the rocks for algea. Definitely worth picking one up if you are looking for a beautiful reef safe hardy fish!

**(Pictured is a representation and not the actual fish:D )

Common Name: Cherub Pygmy Angelfish </SPAN>
Species Name: Centropyge argi Woods & Kanazawa, 1951
Range: Western Atlantic Ocean: Florida, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico

Size: up to 2.5 inches (6.5 cm)

Natural Environment: Inhabit coral and shell rubble areas at a depth of 15 to well below 100 feet (5 - 30 m)

General Husbandry: : Prefer a temperature of 75 - 82°F (24 - 28°C) and natural diet consists mainly of algae and detritus. Feed a varied diet, including Spirulina flake several times a day. Hardy, but can be 'quite' aggressive, especially in smaller aquariums, and best if the last fish introduced. May nip mantles of clams and large polyp corals. Possibly, a bare bottom tank containing much coral rubble and rocks forming caves and crevices might be the best environment for these fish. Reason being they also feed on detritus, and bare bottom tanks make it easier for them to access areas containing this medium. It's also quite easy to occasionally clean areas under loosely stacked rock and rubble in bare bottom tanks with the flow from a powerhead.

Stanfill Reef
01-25-2008, 1:13 PM
By far our favorite fish. Ours passed about a month ago after 5 years in our tank. We are waiting until March to restock, but I think we might get another.

01-25-2008, 1:14 PM
I love it. Once I catch and sell my Flame Angel, I will look into these.

01-25-2008, 5:18 PM
Mark...He doesnt look happy at all...want me to take em back? :/

I just picked upi the coolest thing...Wheelers Goby and a Pistol shrimp...watching these two hang out is way too cool!

I am glad you like the angel...The goby will likely be the only fish with the Ponies...Ill post pics on tank later

Stanfill Reef
01-25-2008, 5:20 PM
Ours was a perfect reef denizen, never attacked any of the corals. ALWAYS swimming and "kissing" the glass and LR for algae. My wife would sit for hours watching ours. And like you said, not aggressive but very fast and able to get out of the way of the aggressive fish (like our evil 5 year old yellow damsel).

01-26-2008, 2:06 PM
These are one of my favorites too. Mine has never bothered any of my corals. Also very hardy.
I saw a guy over on reef central that was keeping five or six flame angels in the same tank with out problems. I would like to do this with the cherub angel.

01-26-2008, 3:00 PM
MIne was mean as hell..He murdered my Potters Angel

01-26-2008, 3:53 PM
i love dwarf angels they are like mini tangs.

01-26-2008, 6:04 PM
I had one for a while. I gave her to a client when I broke down my reef and still get to see her every two weeks. Hardy, pretty, and a great personality.