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01-15-2008, 7:42 PM
I started work on my 14g Biocube today. So far the mods I have done are:
1st: Added another 24w 10,000k daylight bulb bringing the total to 3x24w(72w, 2xdaylight 1xactinc) also added LED moonlights.
2nd: Removed the bioballs(will replace w/live rock), sponge, 2nd chambers' false bottom, and filter pad.
3rd: Cut a stip of 100micron filter pad to put over drip tray then sandwhiched it between the drip tray and the false bottom(removed from 2nd chamber) and rubber banded them together.
4th: Replaced the stock pump w/MJ900
This weekend I am going to use the drimmel tool and cut the overflow from chamber 1 to chamber 2 a little widder.
I have a Hydro flow that I might replace the return nozzel with, but it sticks out in the tank a good bit.
I will update with pics as I get into setting this tank up.

01-15-2008, 10:13 PM
A few tank shots

01-16-2008, 2:40 PM
I stopped by Cappuccino Bay this afternoon and picked up my sand and live rock.
20lbs of Carib Sea Live Aragonite Reef Sand, Fiji Pink
13lbs of Live Rock for the tank (alot of purple on every rock)
4lbs of Live Rock for the sump
I filled the tank and as soon as the water clears up I will post a picture of it. I am not totally satisfied with the rock work, but that will come.
I threw a bag of carbon in the sump also.
I tried to put my Hydro Flow on the return outlet, but it didn't fit, so I cut some tubbing to make it fit and now it is not rotating. Guess I am going to use some loc line w/two nozzles to split up the flow. Just glad to have the tank running.

01-16-2008, 4:16 PM
Here's how it looks now. Sorry, not the best pic, but I am working with a new camera trying to find the best settings.

01-16-2008, 4:37 PM
I am thinking about picking up (after the tank cycles) the Oceanic nano protein skimmer that is suppose to fit in the 1st chamber of the Biocube, but have heard mixed reviews on this skimmer. If anyone has had any experience or knowledge of this skimmer let me know. I am also worried about how it will fit since I am planning on trimming the overflow from chamber 1 to chamber 2 this weekend. Thanks.

01-16-2008, 5:49 PM
I am thinking about picking up (after the tank cycles) the Oceanic nano protein skimmer that is suppose to fit in the 1st chamber of the Biocube, but have heard mixed reviews on this skimmer. If anyone has had any experience or knowledge of this skimmer let me know. I am also worried about how it will fit since I am planning on trimming the overflow from chamber 1 to chamber 2 this weekend. Thanks.

I have the Oceanic Nano protein skimmer and it's been in my 29 gallon Biocube for 2 weeks now. It seems to work pretty well, though I am not really getting any of the thick "sludge" looking skimmate yet. What I am collecting looks like a light green tea color. Since I've had it running, I have noticed that I don't get as much algae on my glass as I used to, but not sure if that is even related to that or not! :)

In mine, since I didn't mod the wall between the first and second chamber much, the skimmer clipped onto the remaining part of the wall and fit well. I also have a 100w visi-therm stealth heater in the first chamber along with the skimmer. The heater isn't fully submerged because it's too tall, but it does the job and the hood is able to close over it, so that's fine with me! If you mod the overflow from chamber one to chamber two, the skimmer does come with suction cups that you can use to attach the skimmer to the opposite wall if you need to since you're planning on some mods.

01-16-2008, 5:55 PM
Thanks for the information on the skimmer xokarmaxo. I'm also glad to hear that your stealth heater fits in the same chamber with it because I have my 50w stealth in the 1st chamber and would like to keep it there.

01-17-2008, 10:36 PM
I found my first hitchhiker this evening. After the daylights went out a small serpent star came out and is crawling around. I'm trying to take a picture, but I can't find the right setting to get an up close picture that is clear.

01-18-2008, 6:14 AM
I'm having temp. problems with my tank. During the day the tank is running at 78.6 degrees, but at night when the lights are off it is dropping to 76.8 degrees. My heater (50w finnex titanium heater) is in the 1st chamber in the back and is set for 79 degrees. The only thing that I can think that might help the temp. is putting the fans in the hood on a timer so they turn off w/the lights. I just turned them off (6am) and I am going to see if that helps bring up the temp before the lights start coming on at 11am. Any other suggestions would be great. I am affraid that if I run the tank any cooler during the day that it will still lose 2 degrees over night. Thanks

01-19-2008, 3:53 PM
I have fixed the temp problem in the tank, just put the fan on a timer to run only when the 10,000K dalylight bulbs are on.
I also started my Prodibio Bio Kit Nano Reef dosing today. I did water tests before adding the products, so I can see how well this product works. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have seen some great larger tanks that have been using these products for years, so hopefuly it will work on my 14 gallon.

01-20-2008, 11:44 AM
Today I widdened the overflow from Chamber 1 to Chamber 2 with a drimmel tool. This will allow me to keep an additional 2-3 inches of water in Chambers 2 & 3 without worrying about the tank overflowing when the power is off. The extra water in Chamber 2 helps me keep a little more live rock rubble for filtration.
The Water is a littly cloudy today. I am not sure if this is from adding the first round of Prodibio yesterday.

01-21-2008, 11:13 AM
Hi guys . I am a new member. I am also just setting up the same tank. My first salt water in 20 years.
I have a few questions I would like to ask. My 14 gal tank took only 9 gals. Of water with 20 lbs. Of live sand. How can that be? Also I wonder about the light cycle. I am told that the daylight and actinic lamps sound be on for 8 to 9 hours with the actinic on one half hour before and after both are on. Also the LEDs stay on always. Do you agree?

01-21-2008, 11:42 AM
First off welcome back to the hobby and to the ARC.
To answer your first question about why there is only 9gals of water is because of the water displacement from the 20lbs of sand. I have 20lbs of sand and another 15lbs of live rock and my tank only took about 8 1/2 gals to fill.
As for the lights. I only run my LED Moonlights at night when the other lights are off. I run my Acintic bulb from 11am-11pm and the 10,000k daylights from 12pm to 10pm. The length of time for each is what was recommended and the time of day is when I am in my office and can enjoy the tank, but your light cycle should be a good one too.
Enjoy your new tank and again welcome to the club.
One las thing I would suggest is starting a new thread about your tank and that way your questions might be more visible then stuck at the end of my thread. The guys/gals on this site have helped me out alot and if you have any other questions fill free to ask me. Enjoy.

01-21-2008, 10:26 PM
Hey LR. Thanks for the welcome. And of course for the information. I find it hard to believe that the 20 lbs of sand can displace 5 gals. Of water but I guess it must be so.
You are not having problems with green algee running the 10k for 10 hours?
Can I ask how much it cost you to add the extra light and what you hope to gain.
I will take your advice and start a new thread for my questions not pertaining to your set-up.

Go Dogs! I root, root, root for the home team (as long as they’re not playing the Canes He! He!)

01-21-2008, 10:47 PM
No problem. I was also surprised about how little it took to fill up my tank after the sand and rock were in the tank, but to tell the truth I am not sure that if you were to fill the tank up to the Mazimum water line that it would be 14gals without anything in the tank. I should have kept track of how many gallons I used when I tested the tank for leaks, but I am pretty sure it wasn't 14gals. I have run my 10ks for 10hrs in the past over some of my larger reef tanks and not had a problem w/green algea, but that is just my experience. Here is the link to the upgraded lighting I have.
It was pretty simple to install, actually alot easier than I thought it would be since I had never done anything like this before. I wanted the extra light so I could do some LPS in my tank and some of the more colorful zoas.
I do love my Dawgs, but I have to admitt that most of my favorite NFL players are Canes, R. Lewis, Reed, Portis, and Sapp. I was sorry to see Sapp retire. I'm a big Raiders fan, that is hard to admitt lately, and even though his best days were behind him he really developed into a leader on the D over the past few years.
Enjoy your new tank and post a pic when you get one. I would like to see how you are setting yours up. Have a good one.

01-22-2008, 12:14 AM
The Canes have had some great ones. I started to root for the Giants because of Shocky. It’s funny how you loyalty can carry over from college to the pro’s. I hope the Canes can rise back up soon. I think the Dogs will be ranked No. 1 in the fall. I would love to see the Dogs and the Canes play for the national title
( dream on right?) I am really pulling for the pats to finish the perfect season.
Speaking of the raiders I think Russell is going to be great.
Sorry to get off track. I will get back to the tank subject tomorrow. I will post a picture soon. I put my live rock in yesterday and it looks great.

01-22-2008, 9:47 AM
Glad to hear you got started on the tank and looking forward to seeing the picture when you get it up.
I am hoping that Russell is the real deal. I saw him play three times in college and was very impressed by his arm and ability to move for being the size of a LB. I told my buddies last year at the start of the season that if Russell went pro that year I hoped he ended up in black and silver. I'm hoping that my Raiders have a chance to get Chris Long from Virginia. Not only is he a monster and can fill avoid we need, but his dad Howie is my all time favorite player. Good luck with your Giants in the superbowl. I am pulling for them big time. I have hated the Pats since the famous "Tuck Rule" game against my Raiders in the AFC championship.

01-22-2008, 6:11 PM
My water is crystal clear and I have not had to clean the glass the past two days. I'm not sure if this is from the Prodibio or if it is just my imagination. I have been testing the water the past few days and it seems that the mini cycle I had from transporting the live rock is over. My calcium is a little high, close to 500ppm, but that is my fault because I dosed the wrong amount. I am going to do a water change this weekend and retest the water. If everything looks good I will get a LFS to test the water and then add my cuc. I'm thinking it will be made up of 3 redleg hc, 1 turbo, 2 Nassarius, 2 Trochus, and 1 emerald crab. Sound good? I will actually have something to take a picture of then. I have also ordered my Oceanic Nano Protein Skimmer and my ATO from, thanks AJ for the help w/the ATO.

01-24-2008, 5:01 PM
Today I added my cuc and the Oceanic BioCube Protein Skimmer.
My cuc:
3x Scarlet Red leg HC
2x Nassarius
4x Astrea
1x Emerald Crab
I figured this was a good start.
I add the BC skimmer to my 1st chamber w/the heater and now I am just trying to adjust the airflow to get it working. The one thing about the skimmer that I don't like so far is that the stock airpump is pretty loud, but got to love the small size. I know I am going to have to replace the wood airstone once a month to make sure it works right, but if it works it will be worth it. Now I just need to add the ATO and make sure the pH is straight and then it will be time to start adding to the rest of the live stock, slowly.

01-25-2008, 9:32 PM
I have a lot of brown algae growing. I hate this stuff is there anything I can do?
I guess I need to reduce the light cycle.
LR no Turbo snails. I also see some negative comments about hermit crabs.
How do I post a picture. The prompt is asking for a URL????

01-25-2008, 9:38 PM
Today I added my cuc and the Oceanic BioCube Protein Skimmer.
My cuc:
3x Scarlet Red leg HC
2x Nassarius
4x Astrea
1x Emerald Crab
I figured this was a good start.
I add the BC skimmer to my 1st chamber w/the heater and now I am just trying to adjust the airflow to get it working. The one thing about the skimmer that I don't like so far is that the stock airpump is pretty loud, but got to love the small size. I know I am going to have to replace the wood airstone once a month to make sure it works right, but if it works it will be worth it. Now I just need to add the ATO and make sure the pH is straight and then it will be time to start adding to the rest of the live stock, slowly.

Ive found a cleaner shrimp an awesome additonto a cleanup crew and to other fish...just an opinion

01-26-2008, 6:52 AM
Sureone, the only turbos that the lfs had were really big and would just knock things around in my little tank. I have never had a problem w/red leg hc or emerald crabs, but if I see anyone picking at corals they will be out in a hurry. This thread should tell you how to post pics.
Thanks tnyga for the suggestion on the cleaner shrimp. I am going to get one, but the end of last week I had some trouble w/my pH being low, so I want to make sure I get that in check before I add a shrimp. The pH has been 8.2 for 5 straight days, so maybe the start of next week I will add my shrimp and pcis.

01-26-2008, 6:40 PM
tank picture

01-27-2008, 8:56 AM
Love the rock work. I also like how you left alot of sand upfront. The red "stuff"on the rocks is that cyno or just the way the rocks look in the pic? I also like how you left a lot of room in the front of the tank to put corals on the sand and to allow the fish to swim infront of the rock.
I'll be getting my clown after the 1st from tim @ Kenn Reef's when he gets in the ORA products, so I am excited about that. I also am hoping to add some zoas this week. I'll post some pics soon, promise.

01-27-2008, 11:16 AM
Thanks LR of the compliments. The rock had lots of color when I got it from Sal. that’s why I picked it. It has reds pinks and purples in it. It also has some green polups on it.
It was a big piece that weighted just the right amount for my tank. We broke it up into pieces leaving one big one for the base.
I am disappointed in the clown fish because he just stays on top in the flow all the time. He eats well though.
My tank is now 8 days old and it never spiked, The Nitrites and Nitrates have been at zero since day one.
The fish is in there for 4 days. Don’t know what to make of it?????????

01-27-2008, 7:14 PM
I have heard that Sal has great live rock at a good price and wish I would have known before I baught mine, but I can't complain about mine too much. Here is the newest family member in my cube, Porcelain crab. My first zoas will be here on Tuesday and I will post a picture of them once they are open and happy.

01-27-2008, 7:16 PM
About your clownfish. I have had clowns in the past that stayed at the top of the water and hosted a powerhead. What is your ammonia level at? I did a 2 gal water change today and tested everything and my calcium was a little lower than normal at 400ppm, but I had cut back my dosing, so I will go back to my original schedule.

01-27-2008, 8:11 PM
Drew, Love the crab. He is reef safe right? I got an emerald crab and he is cool. I also added 3 nassarius snails. They are very neat. They are the fastest snails I ‘ve ever seen. They stay buried until the food comes out. Any thoughts on the tank cycle or lack of? My ammonia levels are zero.

01-27-2008, 8:29 PM
The live rock you got was already cured and if there would have been any cycle it would have just been a small one from die off on the trip home with the rock, so I would say you are doing fine. Just keep an eye on it and keep up with your water changes and I think you will be set. Got to love the little nassarius snails. The crab is just as reef safe as the emerald, but with any crabs you have to keep an eye on them. I have kept both in the past in reefs and never had a problem. You will have to post some more pics when you get them

01-29-2008, 3:27 PM
I added a few corals today to my tank thanks to Darren. The 1st pic is an Acan that is wine colored w/green stripes, the second are Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoas, and the third is Dragon Eye Zoas. My shipement of Zoas from cali was delayed in Texas, so lets keep our fingers crossed that the heat packs hold up and they all arrive alive tomorrow.

01-29-2008, 3:58 PM
Actually now that I look at them the third pic might be Eagle Eye zoas. Not sure:unsure:

01-30-2008, 10:39 AM
My FedEx package finally got here about 24hrs late. Everything looks to be ok, but we will see how they look after I acclimate them. Here is what I ordered:
Firehawk Zoas
Radio Active Zoas
Candy Apple Pink Palys
Red Thunder Zoas
Envy Potions Zoas also threw in a bonus frag of zoas/palys, so I am interested to see what they are. Keep your fingers crossed that everything made it and I will post some pics once they open up.

01-30-2008, 4:19 PM
Don't have a pic of the zoas yet because I am not home, but I did want to share the little hitchhiker that came in the rocks. Thanks Cameron for the coral dip ingredients. I wouldn't have wanted this guy in my tank. He came out of a rock that was less than 1" in diameter and he is was over 3".

01-30-2008, 6:09 PM
Well, I got home this evening and my rock mountain had been knocked over in my tank :mad2: . I managed to find all but one of my frags. I am missing one of my zoa/paly frags and pretty sure it is out of my new shippment from today. Not sure yet which one because everything is closed up. What a way to end the day. Oh well, things were going to smoothly w/this setup anyways.

01-31-2008, 12:00 AM
I ended up spending my evening redoing the rock work and I am glad I did now because I found the missing frag :yay: . Of course everything is now closed up, so I'm hoping by the time I get home tomorrow everything will have opened up or atleast I can figure out which ones didn't make it through the delay in shipping.

01-31-2008, 12:46 AM
LR your stuff looks great. I need a chance to review it tomorrow. Now it is time for bed. I just wanted to let you know I started a new thread in the new member Q&A forum regarding my tank. Hopefully we’ll get some good feed back from it.

01-31-2008, 12:50 AM
Thanks. I just got done looking at your thread and leaving a post. Hopefuly the zoas will open up tomorrow so I can get a few pics because my thread is getting boring w/out pics.

01-31-2008, 8:29 PM
Drew, I am anxious to see your new aquascaping. How did your mountain of rock topple?
I love the 3 pictures of your new coral especially the Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoas. If you don’t mind me asking, I would love to know where you got them and how much they cost. Also do you think it would be two early to add that to my tank?
The carbon filter in camber one is giving me fits. I have had it pressed up against the front wall (in the camber) where it is very effective but you have to pry it out with a tool because of the lip on the tank. If I put it in where the slot is cut out it just flops around appearing not to be effective at all. It also seems to interfere with the overflow in that position. This may be unimportant if I add the protein skimmer which I probably will,

01-31-2008, 11:17 PM
Thanks for the kind words about the radioactive dragon eyes. Those came from Darren another ARC member. Infact all three of those coral I got from him. His tank is Amazing with the zoas, acans, and sps he has collected. I am not sure how the rocks came down, but I guess I just didn't have it stable enough, but it doesn't look much different. My new zoas still have not all opened, but they look good and I figured after 2 days in the dark it would take them a while.
If I were you I would replace the carbon filter in chamber1 and put a bag of carbon in chamber2 under the drip tray. Those carbon filters are expensive and you can pick up a reusable bag and a large thing of carbon to save some money. I use Black Diamond carbon, but Seachem Matrix carbon is also a good one.

01-31-2008, 11:20 PM
I couldn't get a good pic. I would like to blaim it on my cheap camera, but I will take the blaim. My rock work looks pretty much the same and here is my new frag of Radioactives. I can't get a picture of my Candy Apple Pinks because every pic makes them look brown instead of pink. I will try again when the lights are on.

02-03-2008, 9:27 PM
Got back this afternoon to find that all of the zoas/palys have opened up so I placed them on the rocks where I wanted them. I also went by Keen Reef and picked up some new tank mates from Tim. My big purchase was a pair of ORA Misbar True Perculas, but I also picked up 2 orange turbos and some Nassaruis Vibex Snails (free w/$50 purchase, got to love free stuff). The clowns have adjusted well and even ate ORAGlo this evening. I did however come home to find my Actinic is not working, so I will work on that tomorrow. Parameters look great and I did a 2gal water change and did my second round of Prodibio plus Reef Booster Nano. I also feed the corals a mix of DT Phyto, Cycopleeze, and Mysis.

02-04-2008, 2:32 PM
Well I worked on the lights today and found out that the ballist has gone out on my cube. I tried calling Oceanic this morning and again this afternoon, but I guess they only have one person working in the warranty department and they don't like to pick up the phone or return calls. So I am operating w/only 2 of the lights until I can get this replaced. Here are acouple picks of two of the zoas and of one of my orange turbo snail.

02-04-2008, 2:35 PM
Looking good LR...I like your percs ALMOST as much as my Black Ocellaris :)

02-04-2008, 2:48 PM
Oceanic warranties are now handled by a company called Central Aquatics. Here is the direct link to their "Contact Us" form where you can complete it and tell them that your ballast went out and they will send you another one. They sent mine in 3 days. Here's the link:

Or, you can try calling this guy, which may be quicker. He's the one who e-mailed me back and sent me out the extra ballast. He will ask you for the 4 digit production code number which is the number that you will find stamped on the ballast next to the Oceanic logo.

Brian Woodruff
Product Lines Tech Support Dept.
Central Aquatics
1-800-255-4527 ext.1216
Fax# 1-800-398-0396
email: (

Good luck! :up:

02-04-2008, 3:11 PM
Thanks Russ. I was actually at Tim's yesterday before you picked up your Black Ocellaris, so I got to see one of them in person and if you weren't getting it I would have. But these little guys are great. I picked up some ORAGlo fish food and they started eating last night. Now I just need to find something to host them instead of my return nozzle.
Thanks Brian for the info. I just got off the phone w/Nick at Central and emailed him my receipt and he said it would be here this week.

02-04-2008, 3:39 PM
Thanks Brian for the info. I just got off the phone w/Nick at Central and emailed him my receipt and he said it would be here this week.

You're welcome!~

.... but pssst! my name isn't Brian. It's Kim. Brian was the name of the guy who helped me out. :lol2:

Glad that you called and they were able to help you out!~ :yay:

02-04-2008, 3:49 PM
Sorry Kim!! Thank you for the help though.

02-05-2008, 4:35 PM
I picked up a Calcium and Alkalinity API test kit today because after hearing how bad Seachem was I wanted to check it out. I tested my water twice both with the Seachem and API tests and here is what I got.
Seachem 350ppm
API 600ppm
I had been trying to bring my calcium level up because the seachem test had been reading 350ppm for the past week.
Seachem 7dKH
I also ran tests on Phosphate, Nitrate, and pH w/both brands, but they came up with like readings.

02-06-2008, 2:29 PM
I am starting an new experiement on my tank. I have been reading alot of information on RC and other sites about dosing your tank w/Sodium Ascobate or buffered Vitamin C to help w/zoas/palys health. Here are two sources I have found:
My dosing schedule will be twice a day:
Day 1 250mg VC
Day 2 750mg VC
Day 3 1250mg VC
Day 4 and beyond 2000mg VC
I picked up the buffered VC from a drug store to try and keep the pH and Alk from dropping too much. I have taken some before picks of my zoas and will update on how this treatment works. I hope to have the same success as others I have read about. I also tested pH and Alk to see what effect the VC has on them.
As for the clowns they are looking good and eating alot. Something in my tank has killed two of my scarlet hermit crabs (pulled them out of their shells). It is probably one of the other crabs in the tank, but I will keep a look out.

02-06-2008, 11:23 PM
LR you are the 3 person I heard of having Ballist problems with the biocubes.
also I wonder if you can shed some light on the problems I have posted on my thread?

02-07-2008, 10:10 PM
Drew Thanks for the info on the disease. The description fit’s the symthums I am seeing. There are white specs all through the tank and the fish has a white vial. I did a fresh water dip today and the vial came off.
The fish is still alive so we’ll see what happens. Thanks again. I am told that it is a parasite.

02-07-2008, 10:40 PM
LR........ I am very much impressed by both your passion for the hobby and your research abilities. Bravo!

02-07-2008, 11:18 PM
Thanks Sureone for the kind words and I am glad to hear that the info. helped. I have to say that I do love this hobby and that most of my information and knowledge has come from ARC members that have pointed me in the right direction and answered all of my questions.
I did my second day of dosing Vitamin C today and upped the amount to 750mg twice. I have not noticed any improvements in my zoas as of yet, but it takes a few days to even get the dosing to full strength so I am not expecting to see anything until next week some time. I did notice today that my protein skimmer seemed to pull alot more waste out of the tank. The water in the cup was a darker green and was thicker than any other day. I am wondering if the Vitamin C helps the corals out more indirectly by pulling extra waste out of the water than it actually works on the zoas itself? I am hoping to borrow a better camera this weekend so I can get some pics of my zoas to post. I can not seem to get a good picture of the colors w/my NikonCoolpix L3 especially under actinics or w/the LED moonlights.

02-09-2008, 7:57 PM
I will be watching to see how the results go. I ‘d love to see some pictures. Here is something else I have been thinking about.
When you place the carbon “slide” In the first camber In the position that the slot provided for it suggests, I believe it renders it all but useless. The water can bypass it and go over the spill way. It makes much better sense to me, for it to be pressed up against the chamber wall where the water must pass through it. It would just require a small slot in the frame so it can go in and out easily.That would also prevent anything form passing through the slots. I originally had it there and my tank was much cleaner looking. What do you think?

02-10-2008, 11:17 AM
Your welcome on the dip and the tanks are looking great.

02-10-2008, 12:02 PM
Thanks Cameron.
I don't use the carbon filter that comes w/the cube. They are expensive and like you said not in a good location. I baught a bottle of Black Diamond Carbon and a reusable bag and I put the carbon under the drip tray in the second chamber. That way all the water leaving chamber one has to run through the carbon. I also have a bag of Purigen and a bag of PhosGuard in the second chamber.

02-15-2008, 5:28 PM
Here are acouple new not so good pics of my zoas/palys and my percs.

02-15-2008, 5:35 PM
I tried dosing with the Vitamin C like I had read about on RC, but found that it really did nothing to improve the tank and even with the buffered VC it caused a dop in my pH and also made the water very cloudy, so I have stopped dosing.
I finally picked up some quality test kits and found that my parameters were not what I thought. I have gotten everything back in order and have started using Brightwell's 2part. I also found that my magnesium was low and that was probably why I had a hard time raising my calcium.

02-16-2008, 12:24 PM
I made a trip to see Saltwater City today and came home with a few goodies. I picked up a Koralia Nano to help add a little more flow to the tank and while I was there I couldn't get over the new corals they got in stock so I picked up a purple mushroom, Chalice w/orange eyes, and a green and purple Symphyllia(?).
I did have a loss in my tank. I had not seen my porcelin crab in a week or so and today found my snails and hermits fighting over what looks to be his remains. He had just molted the other week when I saw him, so I don't think this is another molt.

02-25-2008, 9:29 AM
Tanks looking good, Homie. You know that pocelain crab was the kind that likes to house under an anemone. If you're running PC lighting you could do a rock anemone. I've had porcelains that liked to stay with those. I doubt that had anything to do with his demise, but just offering a suggestion. It may also be that you just saw a molt. Not sure. Anyway, keep up the good work.

02-25-2008, 2:17 PM
Thanks brother. I have to admit that the porcelain crab was one of those impulse buys and I didn't do any research on the care needed for it. It molted about a week before I found it dead in the live rock. I have the HQI lighting that I can put over the tank, but the chiller I borrowed is broken and I don't want to buy a chiller for this tank. Just gives me more of a reason to get started on one of the larger tanks. Hope things are going well with your tanks and I will have to get by your place soon.
Here is a crapy full tank pic and a picture of my new peach centered zoas. I also picked up some blue w/purple rim and pink zoas, but I can't get a picture of them that shows what they really look like.

02-25-2008, 6:08 PM
Have you tried it to see if it would raise your temp? And if you're not going to use it are you going to sell it?

02-25-2008, 6:24 PM
After 4 hrs on the tank it had raised the temp from 79 to 85 degrees. I haven't decided what I am going to do with the light because I haven't decided if I want to upgrade to a larger tank right now or if I want to keep this tank and just look into a chiller. Do you want that bucket of Seach Reef Salt I told you about?

02-26-2008, 1:47 AM
No. I'm good. I'm gonna try switching to Reef Crystals. I'm gonna get a few buckets through the power buy. Thanks anyway though.

03-03-2008, 7:58 PM
I thought I would post some of my corals that I picked up for the tank plus a FT pic. I am hopefuly getting my new camera in the next week, so then I can get some pics that show the true colors in my tank. I also have some Acans and Zoas on the way that will be here on Wednesday. I have to thank Darren and Mark for letting me take up some of their time this past week visiting their tanks. Oh, and I guess I should thank Platus for letting me come over and see all his setups. Even though he doesn't know where he lives.

03-05-2008, 7:26 PM
Fedex paid a visit to my house and dropped a very nice pack of Acans for my tank. I wish I had a better camera so I could really show what these guys look like.

03-06-2008, 8:46 AM
Wow. Very nice. Now hurry up and grow those suckers out so I can have some!

03-23-2008, 9:23 PM
Just two new pics of the BC. Wish I had a better camera because everything has been really taking off in the aquarium. I have to contribute it too me just leaving it alone and the water parameters staying very stable with the Brightwell 2part and Mag.

03-24-2008, 9:24 PM
Drew your tank is really looking great. It looks much different than it did before. Much , much better. Are you using purple up? I love that look. I started using it a few weeks ago and I am just starting to see some results. I have a pair of percs in my tank also. I read in one of your other posts that yours are hosting frog sporn. Did you do anything to influence that or did it happen on it’s own?

03-24-2008, 9:31 PM
Thanks. My rock had a lot of purple on it to begin with, but I also keep my calcium stable at 450ppm with Brightwell 2part. My clowns just took to the frogspawn after a few days in the tank. They still are all over the tank, but the tend to sleep in the frogspawn.

04-21-2008, 6:48 PM
Full tank shot and a shot of my acan rock

04-21-2008, 7:11 PM
really nice tank drew. love the acans.

04-21-2008, 7:16 PM
Thanks Mark. The acans are starting to take over one side of my tank.
I hope my zoas collection will one day look like yours.

Big Brother Salt
04-22-2008, 7:30 PM
looking good man. real nice.

04-22-2008, 7:40 PM
Thanks Big Brother Salt. This little tank is filling up fast.

04-22-2008, 7:51 PM
are you going bigger?

04-22-2008, 8:04 PM
I have a 55g that I am waiting for the new bulbs to come in for that is going to be a SPS tank.
I also have had my eye on a large cube over at Marine Fish that I don't know if I will be able to pass up at 50% off.
The Biocube will stay up and running the way it is.

04-26-2008, 8:16 AM
Wow Drew, I haven't looked at this thread in a while. I had no idea your tank had become that... crowded? You got it all! Looks awesome. I love the full look.

04-26-2008, 8:31 AM
Thanks. This little cube filled up quickly, but I can always find more room. Your Candy Apple Pink frag is doing well I just need to get it to.