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01-02-2008, 5:08 PM


01-02-2008, 5:11 PM
Nice Pics Matt!!! How long did it take you to get them to hold still?

01-02-2008, 5:23 PM
Very nice pics! What kind of camera / lense did you use? I am going to buy a camera so I can start taking that kind of shot.

01-02-2008, 5:54 PM
Matt quit showing off!!! LOL nice pics as always!

01-02-2008, 6:36 PM
Very nice... getting photos of fish can't be easy.

01-02-2008, 7:39 PM
i think he starved his fishes so that they come up to the front of the glass and stay still or atleast i read that in an article.

01-02-2008, 7:42 PM
Well now thats pleasant. I am pretty sure he has a really really nice camera with a very high shutter speed along with them just being curious. My fish eat VERY well but still come to check out the weird looking thing that drops food in.

01-02-2008, 7:43 PM
same with my fishes that is why i said or atleast i read that somewhere.

01-02-2008, 7:50 PM
Your pictures are so terrific you made me nuts, I've got a Sony A100 SLR and can't get anything like that.Went online to research Macro lenses and am now on the hunt! Show us some more when you get a chance.

01-02-2008, 7:57 PM

The Sigma 105mm f2.8 macro is lower on the price end (for a macro) and still excellent quality optically. I ordered mine from, they are excellent, i've purchased 2 cameras and several lenses from them. You can order on the phone as well, and their prices are about as low as you'll find.

That is what I'm using for the shots above on a d50 body. I also created my own diffuser for the pop up flash.


I don't starve my fish, I feed them about five minutes later they still show interest in me when I walk by the tank.

I was able to get these shots because my fish have grown accustomed to the camera and me (all except the centropyge fisheri), esp. the gramma who likes to hover in the water column. Additionally, I take a lot of photographs, but I only post the ones I like... :)

thanks for the comments, I appreciate them!

01-03-2008, 6:31 PM
Mine all come out when I walk by or approach but none hold still.

01-03-2008, 7:06 PM
cameron you fishes are extremly active.

01-03-2008, 7:21 PM
It is the reef crack I throw in the tank... Actually I believe it is because I keep high activity species. I have gotten rid of most of the fish that just lay there.