View Full Version : Lifereef LF1-200

08-21-2006, 2:09 PM
We've moved and don't have the time / money to set up my 200 gal tank for now. I've got a new Lifereef LF1-200 filter that's collecting dust. System includes a 26 gal sump, Lifereef VS2-24" skimmer w/ pump (Little Giant 3MDQX-SC) & circulation pump (Little Giant 4MDQX-SC). Includes system manifold, bulkheads, hoses, clamps and I also have 1 float switch.

Here's a link that further describes the system

System sells for $989 + shipping, make me an offer. I'm out of town until 8/25, I can post / email pics this weekend if needed. I'm in Marietta about 2 miles from Marine Fish.